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Welcome to the BC Traceability Funding Programs Application Portal

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Register now in the application portal to prepare for the program opening:
1. Click 'Register' in the top right hand corner
2. Enter your email address
3. Click 'Send Verification Code' button. an email containing a verification code will be sent to the email address entered above.
4. Go to your email inbox and copy the verification code
5. Return to the Registration page. Enter or paste the code in the Verification Code box. Then click the 'Verify Code' button. The page will refresh.
6. Enter a password in the 'New Password' box and again in the 'Confirm New Password' box.
7. Click the 'Create' button. A message will display indicating your information account has been created.

Steps to apply:
1. Log in to your account.
2. Click on the Open Call button (see below). If there is no Call button, the programs are not yet open. See above for program opening dates.

3. (For Traceability Value Chain program applications) Select either Sector Organization or Value Chain Partners in Section 1A and 1B.
4. Fill in the application. If multiple individuals are contributing to the same application, please individually register. Once registered, contact us (604 484 3490) and we can assign the account to the application.
5. To save and come back to your application, click 'Save as Draft'. When you are ready to submit, click 'Submit'.

Click this link for a list of traceability system vendors: Traceability System Vendors
Click this link for a list of traceability consultants: Consultants with traceability experience

Additional information:

Currently accepting applications
Livestock Tag Reader Rebate - At a glance
For individual businesses in the livestock sector to implement tag readers and associated software.

Click this link for the Application Form: LTRR Application Form
Click this link for the new CCIA RFID Reader List: CCIA Reader List - November-2019

Re-opening to new applications on January 4, 2021:
Traceability Adoption - At a glance
For individual agriculture, food and seafood businesses.

Click this link for the Program Guide: Traceability Adoption Program Guide

Re-opening to new applications on April 1, 2021:
Traceability Value Chain - At a glance
For agriculture, food, seafood sector organizations or a group of three or more agriculture, food or seafood businesses connected along a supply chain.

Click this link for the Program Guide: Traceability Value Chain Program Guide

Or, contact us directly:
Phone: 604 484 3490

About The BC Traceability Funding Programs
The Traceability Adoption and Traceability Value Chain programs are funded under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

The goal of the Programs is to increase the adoption of traceability systems, practices, technologies and infrastructure across the agrifood and seafood sectors, enabling businesses to meet existing and emerging market and regulatory requirements.